Friday, March 27, 2009

In Eckleburg's Eyes - 3/27/2009, Part 1

News & Notes from Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

-On Wednesday night I joined a party of eleven at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro at 7:30 PM to celebrate PCR’s 37th birthday. Those in attendance were myself, ANDR and PCR, JTH and ALK, JDM, ANDR’s friends Erin and Brandon, and three of PCR’s friends whom he had met in all of his years working at malls.

-Erin brought PCR a gift and balloons. The gift was a sock that he had left at her house. She wrapped it. The balloons read “Happy Birthday Princess”. I liked her.

-JTH, JDM, and I decided to cut a “C” out of felt to be placed on PCR’s church basketball jersey (indicative of captain). This idea only shortly defeated procuring an autographed picture of PH, his wife’s least favorite of his basketball adversaries.

-P.F. Chang’s was selected as the locale for this shindig as it was the first place ANDR and PCR went out to eat together. They had dated for three weeks previously, mostly at JTH’s apartment. The locale gave me inspiration for our basketball team. I may come out of retirement and insert myself into the lineup as power forward. I would call myself P.F. Chan...

-Also in the restaurant was Tennessee volleyball coach Rob Patrick who appeared to be recruiting a potential Lady Vols. Patrick’s presence seemed fitting. We did not say hi or, as was my suggestion, say “Point, Lady Vols!” the only cheer uttered at Lady Vol volleyball games.

-While most of my friends ate the Crispy Honey Chicken, I ate the moo goo gai pan. I had never tried it before. I mostly ate it in tribute to the “Over the River and Through The Woods” episode of the “The Bob Newhart Show”. It aired on November 22nd, 1975. PCR was the only one at our table alive then. Still, I was the only one who got the reference.

-The dish is named for the Cantonese names of the ingredients: moo goo (蘑菇): button mushrooms, gai (鸡): chicken, and pan (片): slices. P.F. Chang's version also features shrimp prominently. It was good but next time I think I will order the Crispy Honey Chicken.

-PCR’s actual birthday was the following day. I was a little disappointed that there were no “birthday singers”. (Read: Waiting reference.) Like most people I know, I am embarrassed by this process but had they sang “Happy Birthday” in Chinese that would have been awesome. Instead they offered PCR his choice of a mini dessert (strawberry cheesecake) and placed a candle in it. It was very subdued. He was pleased.

-We were also given Fortune Cookies. One read, “Listen to the wisdom of the old.” which seemed appropriate given the occasion. Mine read “Your cheerful outlook is one of your assets.” I was disappointed. This is not a fortune. It is a statement. Also, there was some trading of fortunes. Is that allowed?

-Finally on Wednesday, I had my haircut for my job interview the following day. My stylist, Jessica (JLH) predicted that it had been five weeks since my last haircut based upon the two-guard that I always request and the length of my hair. I was impressed.

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