Friday, April 18, 2008

Bible Trivia - 4/18/2008

Question: What archaeological find, kept in the British Museum, depicts the exploits of Jehu?

Answer: The Blask Obelisk.

Comments: The significance of the Black Obelisk is that it features the earliest surviving picture of an Israelite - Jehu. The markings on the artifact describes how Jehu brought or sent his tribute to Shalmaneser III (reigned 858-824 BC) in or around 841 BCE. Jehu's 28-year reign as king of Israel is found in II Kings 9-10.

The archaeologist Sir Austen Henry Layard (1817-1894) discovered the black limestone obelisk in 1846 during his excavations of the site of Kalhu, the ancient Assyrian capital, in what is now northern Iraq.

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